Finding Euphoria

Euphoria music festival is returning for the 7th year on May 11-12, 2018 to downtown venues in Austin, TX. #FindYourEuphoria

New Camping Options: Group Discounts & More

Hey Euphoria family,

We have been listening since the big announcement, and we hear you. Everyone wants in on Finding Euphoria camping - which you should! More space, less crowd, best community vibe. But to keep things affordable, we brought in a couple of new options this week. Group Camping packages have arrived!

Tentsile Giveaway

Phil ClarkinEU-2956.jpg

Before we get into the package details, let’s celebrate  with a giveaway, camping style! Enter for the chance to win your own Euphoria branded $650 Tentsile Stingray Tree Tent. The coolest camping method to ever exist, in our experience.

Group Camping


Now back to the new packages. Announcing Group Camping! You bring the friends, we bring the discounts. It’s a win-win.

Finding Euphoria 4 Person Group Camping - 20% off

So you have the squad, the car and the vibe. You each need 4 Finding Euphoria Festival GA Passes, 4 Camping Passes, and the group needs 1 Car Camping Parking Add-On.

To simplify your lives and save you money, we have wrapped all that up in a 4 Person Group Camping package for $499. This package, including every pass your crew needs, is discounted 20% from what it would cost to buy each component individually. Enjoy!

Finding Euphoria 10 Person Group Camping - 50% off

So you went all out and rounded up the full neighborhood. Everyone is ready to kick back together in the Finding Euphoria campgrounds. You want spots together, and you want your cars. That’s a lot of passes.

Once again, we wrapped it all up for you. 10 Festival GA Passes, 10 Camping Passes, and 4 Car Camping Add-Ons for $738. One package, and half price. The 10 Person Group Camping pack is 50% the price of buying each of these components individually. Word is out, now call the squad!

Now what about those of us who are just excited about the intimate campground party, but less excited about sleeping in a tent for a weekend? We get it, so we have something for you, too.



Announcing glamorous camping options! Let’s glamp.

Finding Euphoria Glamping Tents

Get yourself a luxurious European-style Bell tent, brought to Euphoria by Contentment Camping. These tents will be set up, ready to go in a reserved camping area. Comes complete with bedding, pillows, a lock, light, floor, rug, cooler, and amenities. Plus, we will break everything down for you at the end of the weekend.

Choose your glamping style from several options: 2 cots for $299, 4 cots for $499, or real beds for $399 (choose 1 queen or 2 twins).

These tent rentals do not include your Camping Pass or Festival GA Pass, so make sure to grab those separately.

Finding Euphoria RV Spot


One more way to upgrade your camping experience - an RV! RV Parking Passes now available for $199, and each one covers 8 people for the vehicle. If you want the RV experience but don’t have your own, call up Woody RV Rentals and get a discount when you say your rental is for Euphoria festival.

RV Passes are sold separately from Camping Passes and Festival GA or VIP Passes. Make sure you have all 3.

See You at the Camp

We hope the new Group Camping and Glamping options make Finding Euphoria camping even more exciting for everyone. We are creating the core Euphoria community in the 2018 camp, scaled back, spread out and close knit. We want our family there, so let’s get the great campground vibes going. See you at Carson Creek!