Finding Euphoria

Euphoria music festival is returning for the 7th year on May 11-12, 2018 to downtown venues in Austin, TX. #FindYourEuphoria

Car Camping 2018

Car Camping is one of the new elements of this year’s festival, and it’s one of the changes we are most excited about. Let’s talk car camping at Finding Euphoria.


New to the Car Idea?

If you have never been car camping before, you might not know what all the hype is about. We are here to explain.

Without cars, the camping process usually goes like this: Deposit your pile of gear by the camping entrance. Leave a friend to guard the pile. Drive to a lot and park your car. Walk back to the entrance and find your friend and pile. Load the pile onto carts or your back, and hop in line for camping. Pull your things with you as the line moves. Set up camp.

With cars, the camping process will go like this: Drive to a camping spot. Set up camp.

See the difference? No need to lug full coolers uphill this year.

Car Camping at Finding Euphoria

One of the best aspects of camping this year is the space allotment. Because of the limited number of Camping Passes available, space will not be an issue, and lines can be relaxed. Find your friends and spread out between your cars.

Finding Euphoria Glamping campsites also allow car camping! Drive right up to your pre-assembled tent, complete with cots or beds.

Euphoria is proud of the campground vibe we have created through the years. Our campers consistently remark on the community and positive spirit that embodies the camping experience. Car camping is meant to add to this feeling by making camping stress-free.

No car? No problem

If you feel attached to the original experience of a car-free camp, more power to you! We will also have a car-free zone of the campgrounds, so the choice is yours.

Tips and Tricks

Bring a sun shade for your car windshield! It can get hot under the Texas sun, and you’ll be happy if your car doesn’t heat up like an oven.

Leave your car off at camp. Let’s stay eco-friendly and avoid the fumes from idling. Roll the windows down for a breeze, instead.

Rent a locker or bring a backpack or fanny pack to keep track of your car keys while you’re in the festival. You don’t want to end up locked out.

Use your trunk as a bench. Having your trunk open keeps your car cool and creates seating space for chill sessions at camp.

Lock your valuables in your car while you party in the festival grounds. It doubles as a handy locker.

Be strategic about timing. It will be best for everyone if you drive in and stay put until Sunday load out.